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James Franco and His Evil Grin Allegedly Headbutted a Dude at a Lana Del Rey Show

Franco se está volviendo loco.

Lana Del Rey and James Franco are more or less the same performer. It's entirely impossible to get a read on what they're thinking and both harbor eccentric, grand ideas. He's a noted fan of hers, too. So it's no surprise that Franco attended an LDR show, but it's bizarre to hear that he apparently was inspired to headbutt someone during it.

As TMZ reports, a photographer named David Tonnesen is suing Franco for a 2014 incident wherein Franco skull-bashed Tonnesen at LA's Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Tonnesen's description of the attack is frankly terrifying, saying that Franco had a "demonic grin" and ran at him with "a blank expression of joy on his face." Tonnesen wants Franco to pay for medical expenses but perhaps he should rest easy that Franco didn't attack him with a Goblin Glider. In any case, here's the LDR song that may have soundtracked this incident.

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