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Providence Punks Downtown Boys Announce Album and Share Opening Track "A Wall"

'Cost of Living', el debut de la banda en Sub Pop, estará disponible a partir del 11 de agosto.

Providence, RI party-punk instigators Downtown Boys, one of the many rock bands crucially deciding to dig into issues of identity and community with a steel-toed boot, are returning to bless us with their Sub Pop debut Cost of Living in August. In addition to featuring previously-released Spanish-language firestarter "Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)" and production from Fugazi/Rites of Spring legend Guy Picciotto, there's also this fresh salvo entitled "A Wall."


Slowing down slightly from their usual frenzied tempos, Downtown Boys' ecstatic gang vocals and signature horns approach the majesty of mid-00s indie rock. Luckily, frontperson Victoria Ruiz's commanding presence and revolutionary language ("A wall is just a wall / and nothing more at all!" she hollers in the climax) keep things from getting too stuffy and ostentatious. Here, anger and defiance become something hopeful instead of nihilistic. Listen to "A Wall" above.

Phil, in this case, is a proud half-Latin American. He's on Twitter.