All of the People *Really, Really* Into the Music at Field Day 2018
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All of the People *Really, Really* Into the Music at Field Day 2018

Mis soldados perdiendo sus diminutas mentes, agudizadas por la serotonina y dominadas por el sol.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
Adrian Choa
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It's 10 in the morning, your stomach is fizzing with giddy excitement, you're off to a festival. These are the places where we lose ourselves; where the synapses in our brain bubble into a kind of headache/firework display; where, if things go slightly left-field, we might find ourselves rolling around in the grass and grasping for a lighter from a friend who can't string a sentence together, like an octopus with human legs.


Field Day – which this year took place in south London's Brockwell Park – is no different. But there is also a distinct breed of mixed crowd here: the true heads; the brunch'n'bloody mary fuelled girl gangs; the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge squads of late twenties warriors who dart from tent to tent and don't manage to see any music at all, ever; the balloon shotters and the conversation starters – they're all here, in this field, combining into a mass of people who, lets be honest, are getting on it.

While we're not saying that any of the people in the photos below are involved in anything bad, they are, as you can tell, really, really into the tunes at Field Day 2018. They're passed out on the grass, they're grinning the fuck out, they're circle-pitting to AJ Tracey (???), they're pissing, they're policemen. Armed with just a camera, our photographer Adrian Choa went into the masses of this year's festival and saw Kurupt FM, Giles Peterson, Four Tet (at least for a moment, anyway, before the crowd became too much) and, as you'll garner from his photo-set, a lot of people doing their thing. Here they are in all their glory – the people of Field Day 2018.

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