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50 Cent Has a New Headphone Line

Haikus a todas las pendejadas que vende 50 Cent.

50 cent has sold 40 million albums. He's sold even more bottles of Vitamin Water, Reebok shoes, and copies of his videogame 50 Cent: Blood on The Sands. Now, he's entered the headphone market with Sync by 50™. I'm a fan of Curtis Jackson, and I'm a fan of American commerce. This is an ode to their relationship, that it might always prove mutually beneficial.

Sync by 50™

Age twelve. Tower Records.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Clean)


Many, many men.

Age Fifteen. Bay St. Theater.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (film)

Better than 8 Mile.

Age sixteen. P.E Class.

Vitamin Water daily.

Formula 50.

Age 21. 8/13.

I need new headphones.

My choice:

The SYNC by 50™

On-Ear Wireless headphones.

Bluetooth aptX technology.

+ Accessories:

the 50 Cent Tee. Charcoal grey,

4oz Tri-Blend.

50 Cent image

on the front,

URL on back.

iPhone4 Case

by Case-Mate, in four unique

50 Cent colorways.

Still unconvinced?

Try matte black SYNC by 50™

Portable Speakers.

1 (One) Rechargeable

Lithium Ion Battery

And 3D Sound.

Hate it or love it

the underdog's on top, and

I'm gon' shine homie,

until my heart stop.