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Hear Six New Morrissey Songs, One of Which Mentions Brexit, Obviously

El tío rarito de la música está de regreso, baby.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Imagen vía Wikimedia Commons

Today, Morrissey played seven songs from his upcoming album Low in High School in a live session with BBC 6 Music. As part of a week of live music on the station, he performed the already-released lead single "Spent the Day in Bed," as well as the previously unheard "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On the Stage," "My Love I'd Do Anything For You," "All the Young People Must Fall In Love," "When You Open Your Legs," "Home Is a Question Mark," and "Wish You Lonely," all of which, you'll agree, are Peak Morrissey song titles.


The tracks are pretty much what you'd expect (read: somehow jaunty and morose) and to his credit, he's still in fine voice. Some of the lyrical content, however, is… questionable. "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On the Stage," for example, contains the repeated phrasing "Brexit… exit" which is, let's say, not exactly inspired.

And it seems like politics are, as usual, weighing heavy on Moz's mind. As well as performing the new tracks, he tried out some topical comedy on the gathered audience. Discussing Anne Marie Waters, a failed candidate for the leadership of the far-right UK political party UKIP, he said: "I was very surprised the other day, it was very interesting for me to see Anne Marie Waters become the head of UKIP. Oh no, sorry, she didn't, the voting was rigged. I forgot." When nobody laughed, in the same way that nobody laughs when your weird uncle makes bizarre comments during family gatherings, he mounted his defense: "You didn't get it, did you? You obviously don't read the news."

The main takeaways, therefore, are this: Morrissey reads the paper, and Brexit is definitely a good and relevant thing to make a song about. Listen to the session here.

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