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Here's a Balmy, Acoustic Version of Charli XCX's "Boys"

Es "Boys" pero recostado en una tumbona de playa, en una isla griega.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

"Acoustic" isn't the first word you'd think of in relation to Charli XCX, the all-singing, all-blooping electronic wizard currently rescuing British pop music from out of Ed Sheeran's greedy jaws. But, turns out when given the opportunity, she actually pulls acoustic off pretty well.

Yesterday she shared an acoustic version of her track "Boys," and despite the fact that the digital text tone and/or Super Mario sound effects are kind of intrinsic to the original's chorus, it works marvellously. Warmer and softer than the original, it's basically "Boys": The Early 2000s Holiday Version, and features prominent guitar and classic pop clicking sound effects, meaning that it sounds like the soundtrack to your 2001 holiday to the Canary Islands (ergo, it's amazing.)

Listen above and let's hope we get the beach-set alternative video featuring Harry Styles drinking a Piña Colada on a sun lounger that we all deserve.

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