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Skip School with The xx's New Video for "I Dare You"

La banda se juntó con algunas caras y nombres conocidos para el video encantador.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

If there's one thing that The xx consistently smash out of the park, it's music videos. And it's especially true that the visuals for their latest record I See You, released earlier this year, have been particularly strong, largely due to their continued collaboration with UK photographer and filmmaker Alasdair McLellan. McLellan directed their last two videos for "On Hold" and "Say Something Loving," and he has now joined forced with Calvin Klein creative director Raf Simons, for another I See You cut, "I Dare You," which debuts today.


Described by the band as "a love letter to LA," the video features some familiar faces (including Stranger Things' omnipresent Millie Bobby Brown, Moonlight's Ashton Sanders, and Paris Jackson). In a statement about the six-minute clip, the band said the following:

We are so happy to share our new video for "I Dare You." Our love letter to Los Angeles, a city close to our hearts where we wrote and recorded parts of our album I See You. This is the third video our friend, the wonderful Alasdair McLellan, has directed for us. He collaborated with a hero of ours, Raf Simons, on the creative concept and direction. It was amazing to work with both of them and such a pleasure to meet and work with Millie, Paris, Ashton, Lulu and Ernesto! Thank you to CALVIN KLEIN and everyone involved. We hope you enjoy watching! xx The xx

In short, the aesthetic is vibrant and colorful, the wardrobes are tasteful, and the whole thing is really fun to look at. Watch it above and rue the fact that you're not a gorgeous teen skipping school to hang out with The xx in the sun.

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