Politicians, Pundits, and Other People

  • Lewis Lapham

    A few weeks back, VBS correspondent Eddy Moretti sat down with Lewis Lapham, the historian and wordsmith at the helm of Lapham’s Quarterly.

  • Lewis Lapham

    Tune in as Lapham gives current events the historical treatment and explains the happy marriage between the media and money.

  • Rally To Restore Sanity

    It wasn’t a political rally, said the comedians, but it wasn’t a joke either.

  • Lech Walesa

    Here in a recent interview with VICE’s Eddy Moretti, former Polish President Lech Walesa sets the record straight after being smeared by Beck and Limbaugh.

  • Jimmy LaSalvia

    GOProud is Jimmy LaSalvia’s answer to the approximately 1.2 million voters who identify as gay and are, in his words, “certainly not liberal.”

  • Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

    VBS travels to Washington DC to experience Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Christian Revival!

  • Michael Moynihan

    Eddy Moretti pays a visit to Reason magazine and speaks with sagacious senior editor, Michael Moynihan.

  • Dennis Kucinich

    The peacenik Democrat chats about his opposition to war in Afghanistan and intervention in Pakistan.