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Cult Japanese New Wavers Dendö Marionette Are Getting Their 1981 EP Reissued

The new record will also contain a long lost and unheard EP from 1982.

por Tim Scott
05 Septiembre 2017, 8:48pm

Image: Bitter Lake Recordings bandcamp

In 1981, Osaka band Dendö Marionette released a four-track, self-titled flexi disc on QP Records. Though it was to be the band's only recorded release, it has become a legendary piece of Japanese synth/new wave and remains one of the most sought after cult records from that era of Japanese punk.

In October, New York City label Bitter Lake Recordings and Osaka's Mouse records are set to release 傀儡電伝, a record that will include the four 1981 Dendö Marionette tracks alongside an unreleased EP from 1982. According to the Bitter Lake Recordings Bandcamp page, in the process of realising the project vocalist Morita also unearthed the unreleased EP. "This previously unknown (or elusive at best) EP was recorded immediately before the untimely demise of the band. Gone was the cyberpunk aggression of the flexi and in its place an icier synth soundscape that pushed the band further toward greatness."

Listen to "Frozen. Edge" the EP's opening track and get excited for the upcoming album.

Dendö Marionette's '傀儡電伝 'will be available Oct 18 on Bitter Lake Recordings and Mouse records.

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