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Björk's New Song "Blissing Me" Is an Oasis of Calm

It's accompanied by a video directed by fashion photographer Tim Walker.

por Lauren O'Neill
15 Noviembre 2017, 3:52pm

Image via PR

Björk's ninth album Utopia is due for release next Friday (November 24), and today, ahead of that, she's released a second track from the record, "Blissing Me," along with a video directed by Tim Walker. It follows "The Gate" which was also accompanied by a video back in September, and continues in a similar sonic vein.

In a recent interview, Björk told the Observer that Utopia is the story of her own imagined 'utopia,' a place with fantastical nature ("Do you know the fish in The Simpsons, that has three eyes? Like that,"), where women go to create a better existence for themselves and their children, "and then there is the everyday life on the island."

It's quite astonishing how precisely Björk is able to render this landscape only through sounds on "Blissing Me." It's delicate and airy (like, the most consistently prominent instrument is a harp), but its underlying energy and mid-song build speak to the powerful femme energy at its centre. More than anything, "Blissing Me" provides a peaceful oasis of calm; so stop what you're doing for five minutes and plug in, because it'll make you feel amazing.

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