Je note toutes mes prises de drogue dans un tableau Excel depuis neuf ans

Parce que les chiffres, contrairement à nous, ne trichent pas.

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If You're Going to Solo Trip On Psychedelics, Bear This in Mind

After an increase of mushroom and LSD use over the pandemic, we asked some experts about the risks and rewards.

I Was Paid to Smoke Weed for 98 Days Straight

In 1972, Doreen Brown took part in a study that involved smoking increasingly strong weed every day for three months.

Hash Oil, a Cannabis Concentrate, Is Booming in India. Here’s Why.

“Once, when my friends and I tried to make it, I was afraid we would blow up the house.” 


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Heroin Commuters: Swedish Drug Users are Migrating to Denmark

We meet two Swedish drug users who have escaped Sweden's zero-tolerance policy and instead live on the streets of Copenhagen.

The Truth About Ecstasy: High Society

British people statistically take more MDMA in one session than any other country on the planet. In this episode, we find out what’s making ecstasy so dangerous again.

Using LSD, MDMA and Psilocybin to Treat Mental Health

A groundswell of academic opinion suggests that psychedelic substances like LSD and psilocybin could be utilised to serve a raft of therapeutic benefits.

Why Weed Is Good | Let Lee Explain

Weed has been a controversial topic in America since the Reefer Madness days thanks to fear mongering and propaganda. Lee explains why you shouldn’t believe it.

I Spoke With Animals Through Pet Psychics

Taji discusses trending topics with animal mediums.

The Gadget That Measures How Strong Your Weed Smells

Talking with the proprietors of the Nasal Ranger- a device used in odor regulation in dealing with weed.

How to Hotbox an Outhouse With A Shop-Vac

Trey found himself in the wilderness with nothing but a shop-vac, piping, tubes, sockets, a blow torch, some weed, and an outhouse. So naturally he devised a contraption to hotbox said outhouse.

Lebanon’s Green Gold: The Debate to Legalize Cannabis

Lebanon is about to take a historic step for the Arab World with a proposed bill to legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical use. But in the Bekaa valley where communities have grown cannabis for generations, the news has not gone down well.

Inside Canada’s First Weed Curling Tournament

Do weed and curling mix? Manisha Krishnan sets off to Wiarton, Ontario to find out. She meets local cannabis enthusiast Ted Ratcliffe who created “Bongspiel,” the first fully legal weed curling tournament in Canada.

I Smuggled Cocaine into the US to Pay Off My Student Loans

Luke graduated college owing $130,000 in student loan debt. So he decided to smuggle cocaine into the United States to pay it all off.

Les dernières publications

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