Nicaragua's Human Weirdness

Eating ice cream and trying to not get stabbed on the streets of Managua.

Κείμενο Dave Bevan
16 Φεβρουάριος 2012, 2:55pm

Cautious Yanks tried to warn us to stay out of Nicaragua. They mentioned something about beheadings and drug-addled crime lords. But whatever, we needed to get out of the States fast. We’d seen enough hillbillies and we didn’t want to face the long arm of the law for violating our visas. So, we decided to fall off a plane into the sprawling barrios of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city, equipped with nothing but a point-and-shoot camera and pidgin Spanglish. It’s a wild place. We couldn’t even walk down the street eating ice cream without seeing crazy shit like a taxi driver pulling a pistol on a kid or being threatened with the unpleasant prospect of bodily mutilation. We probably should have listened to our American friend's plea, but then again, we wouldn’t have snapped these badass pictures. 

- Dave

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