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Νέοι Γείτονες

Λίγη Σαντιγί και Πολλή Αγάπη: Ένας Πρόσφυγας Μοιράζεται τη Συνταγή μιας Τούρτας για να πει «Ευχαριστώ»

Ο Reza από το Αφγανιστάν έφτιαξε μια τούρτα γενεθλίων για τη Marina, τη Σουηδή κηδεμόνα του.

Άγνωστοι Φέρεται να Αυνανίζονται και να Κάνουν το «Χοντρό» τους στο Πάτωμα Εκκλησίας στη Σουηδία

Περίεργα πράγματα συμβαίνουν τελευταία στην Εκκλησία της Αγίας Τριάδας, στο Kristianstad.
Caisa Ederyd

H Εταιρεία που Βοηθάει Άτομα με Αναπηρίες να Αυνανίζονται

Πως ένας δονητής, ένα πλαστικό αιδοίο και κάτι που λέγεται «The Fist of Adonis» μετατράπηκαν σε ακτιβισμό.
Caisa Ederyd

Πήγαμε στο Βουνό Όπου Στεγάζονταν οι Servers των Wikileaks

Και μιλήσαμε με τον άνθρωπο που «έχτισε» το διαδίκτυο, σε ένα υπόγειο, βάθους 35 μέτρων, μέσα σε ένα βουνό κοντά στο κέντρο της Στοκχόλμης.
Caisa Ederyd

Αυτός ο Τύπος Είναι Εκείνη που Νόμιζες ότι Έκανες Cybersex

Αυτός είναι ο Hugo, γνωστός και ως «Anna, Dirty Chick, 19».
Caisa Ederyd

Μήπως η Σουηδία Κάνει Διακρίσεις εις Βάρος των Χριστιανών;

Μια απροσδόκητη ηθική διαμάχη με αφορμή τις αμβλώσεις.
Caisa Ederyd
The Holding Court Issue

Does Sweden Discriminate Against Christians?

This spring, Sweden, normally considered one of the most free, equal, and democratic nations in the world, was reported to the European Committee of Social Rights for allegedly violating the human rights of pro-life doctors and nurses.
Caisa Ederyd

This Guy Is Walking from Norway to Morocco for Fun

He's been on the road since June, lives in a sleeping bag, and got an infection in his Achilles' tendon near the beginning of his trip. But he's having a great time.
Caisa Ederyd

You Can't Just Walk Around Masturbating in Public, Swedish People

After a 65-year-old man was acquitted of indecency charges after jacking it on a public beach, international media outlets reported that it was OK to masturbate on beaches in Sweden. This is not true, everyone!
Caisa Ederyd
The Hot Box Issue

Sweden’s Shitty Sewage-Sludge Debate

Using sludge to grow crops has dredged up a lot of controversy in Sweden. Some studies in the US have shown that people who live near land fertilized by sludge have suffered symptoms like burning in their eyes and rashes, and cancer.
Caisa Ederyd

Some Swedes Made a Special Brand of Cerebral-Palsy Beer

About a year ago, in an attempt to stop people from being excessively nice to the handicapped, the Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living in Sweden (GIL) made a physically challenged doll with cerebral palsy. GIL just released their own brand of...
Caisa Ederyd

Is Gerry Johansson the World's Most Antisocial Photographer?

One of Sweden's most acclaimed photographers, Gerry Johansson takes photos of places created by people, but only when they're totally empty. It might sound kind of lonely, but if you like to imagine the weird lives of strangers all over the planet...
Caisa Ederyd