Το «Mean Girls» Παραμένει Αγαπημένο (και) Λόγω της Μόδας​

Γι’ αυτό, τις Τετάρτες πάντα φοράμε ροζ.
Marie Lodi

Ο Σουρεαλισμός των Διασημοτήτων που Ντύνονται «Celebrity» για το Halloween

Η απομίμηση είναι η πιο ειλικρινής μορφή κολακείας, σωστά;
Emma Specter

Φωτογραφίες Υπερηρώων σε Ανθρώπινες Στιγμές

Η σουρεαλιστική ματιά στο φετινό Comic Con της Νέας Υόρκης.
Elizabeth Renstrom

O Καλλιτέχνης που Βάζει Ζευγάρια Μέσα σε Συσκευασίες Κενού Αέρος

Οι κλειστοφοβικές εικόνες του Haruhiko Kawaguchi έχουν σαν σκοπό να εκφράσουν αυτά που αισθανόμαστε όταν μιλάμε για την αγάπη.
Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Implausible Literary Halloween Costumes No One Will Recognize

The Judge from Blood Meridian: One cool thing to do on Halloween is to act like a total dick to everybody and pretend it’s just part of your costume. Considering that the Judge is one of the biggest loudmouth brutes in all of literature, why not...
Blake Butler

What Not to Wear This Halloween

For those not smart enough to use all three digits of their IQs, we've brought you a guide on what not to wear on Halloween, so when you only pick up your sexy pizza-slice costume off the floor the next morning and not also your dignity.
Bertie Brandes

Things Nobody Cares About at Comic-Con

There’s plenty to love about Comic Con. The sense that you’re participating with your generation and the validation granted by other convention-goers as they smile dutifully to you in passing is great. There’s also a heap that the majority of attendees...
Julia Prescott

Anime North Is Canada's Nerd Utopia

Anime North is the largest convention of its kind in Canada and its attendees think of it as the perfect social atmosphere to get weird. Attendees of the convention are united by the same embarrassing hobbies, fostering the kind of environment where...
Michael Toledano

Carnival Day in Naples's Mafia-Run Slums

In the notorious district of Scampia in northern Naples, drug and arms wars rage wildly and clan bosses reign supreme. One day per year, however, the children take center stage for a colorful and lavish Christian celebration that comes just before Lent.
Sophia Seymour
The Embargo Issue

Fright Night

Before Haiti was catapulted into the news following the catastrophic earthquake in January that killed 230,000 people, it was mainly known for two things: Wyclef Jean from the Fugees and Voodoo.
Bruno Bayley, Photos: Leah Gordon
The Horror Issue

Noble Attempts

We asked everyone in the world to send us their best costume ideas. Send your pics to View new submissions here.
VICE Staff