• 6.18.13

      Costa Rican Drug Addicts Are Killing Turtles and Conservationists

      At the end of last month, Costa Rica witnessed its first turtle-conservationist murder. On the evening of May 30, Jairo Mora Sandoval and four other conservationists were abducted while carrying out their checks on Moin Beach near Limon, a city on the...

    • 4.15.13

      The Warrior State

      Kidnappings are common in Guerrero—the state, just south of Mexico City, is one of the poorest in the country and the site of the worst violence in the battle between the drug cartels and Mexican authorities. As a result of the violence, hundreds of...

    • 8.30.12

      Dear Mexican Cartels: Don’t Fuck with the Angels

      Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, has become known as the “murder capital of the world” thanks to the seemingly endless string of drug-cartel-related killings, and the law-abiding portion of the population is ready to try almost anything to stop the violence.