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Γιατί η CIA Έκανε Instagram;

Ο Edward Snowden λέει ότι «θέλουν να είναι φιλικοί, να είναι κοντά σας».
Ben Makuch

Ο Όλιβερ Στόουν μάς Εξηγεί πώς Εμπνεύστηκε το «Snowden»

Ο βραβευμένος με Όσκαρ σκηνοθέτης εξερευνά την ιστορία του Edward Snowden, του πληροφοριοδότη της NSA που διέρρευσε απόρρητα έγγραφα στο κοινό.
VICE Staff

Η Γυναίκα που «Έπιασε» τον Snowden

Το ντοκιμαντέρ της Laura Poitras με θέμα την κατασκοπεία, που κατέληξε σε «θρίλερ».

The NSA's Spying on America's Allies Is Just Business as Usual

As America's government is discovering, when you get caught spying on your closest allies and have to have your dirty laundry aired in public it's very, very humiliating. Will the latest NSA revelations have lasting effects?
Joseph Cox

Thousands Rally in DC to Urge the NSA to "Stop Watching Us"

Outside of DC’s Union Station at noon on Saturday, about 2,000 people congregated to march through downtown and eventually protest in front of the Capitol to honor Edward Snowden and express disdain over government spying.
Andrew Blake
All Bad News Considered

This Week's Bad News in a Thousand Words or Less

Who remembers Dogmageddon, the weekly round-up of news about organized religions ruining the world? I'm back! Except this time, instead of examining religion, I’m recapping the news a.k.a. a wide swath of terrible people doing terrible things for no...
Rick Paulas

Jacob Appelbaum Doesn't Have Much Hope for the Future of Privacy

Jacob Appelbaum has been called the "most dangerous man in cyberspace." But he's not, and it's a label that pisses him off. In reality, Appelbaum is a renowned cybersecurity expert who happens to be one of the developers for the Tor Project and a...
John Lubbock

The Demise of Lavabit and Silent Circle Means Your Emails Will Never Be Safe from the Government

This week, two encrypted email providers shut down their services, and that’s very bad news if you’d rather the government didn’t read your emails. Clearly, the right to buy and sell on the free market and the right to privacy only apply to people who...
Patrick McGuire

Three Whistleblowers Talk About Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning

The US government's pursuit of those who break rank to expose its secrets has emerged as the dominant narrative of this decade's war for information. I thought I'd speak to a trio of high-profile whistleblowers who know all about the repercussions of...
Danny McDonald

How the Espionage Act of 1917 Became a Law Against Whistleblowing

With Bradley Manning convicted of espionage and Edward Snowden still moldering in a Moscow airport, it's worth looking at the law that streamlines America's prosecution of whistleblowers.
DJ Pangburn

A Few Days in Bulgaria

I dream I’ve been placed in an impossible situation in which suicide is the only appealing option. Not because of imminent physical destruction or incurable medical problems, but because the prospect of extreme, permanent immiseration appears in the...
Gary Indiana

Dodge the NSA with This Fancy Encrypted Messaging Service

With all the talk pinging back and forth around the interwebs in the ongoing NSA clusterfuck, there's a real surge in the demand for encryption-based messaging services. Heml.is is one such service founded by Peter Sunde, one of the creators of the...
Patrick McGuire