Απολαύστε Υπεύθυνα: Δεν Υπάρχει Τίποτα Παχυντικό στο Αλκοόλ

Όχι, δεν χρειάζεται να κόψεις μαχαίρι τα ποτά για να κάψεις λίπος.


Ιδέες για Δώρα: Σαπούνι από Ανθρώπινο Λίπος

Ο καλλιτέχνης επιμένει ότι το σαπούνι του δεν αποτελείται «100% από ανθρώπινο λίπος».


Το «Μυστικό» Πρόγραμμα Γυμναστικής του Αγαπημένου σου Celebrity Δεν Κάνει για Σένα

Ακόμη και αν τα κάνεις όλα σωστά, το σώμα σου μάλλον δεν θα ανταποκριθεί όπως περίμενες.


Τα Καλά και τα Κακά που θα Συνέβαιναν στο Σώμα σου αν Έτρωγες Μόνο Φρούτα και Λαχανικά

Δεν μιλάμε για μια διατροφή με βάση τα φυτά. Μιλάμε για μια διατροφή που αποτελείται μόνο από φυτά.


Maybe I’m a Chubby Chaser

I don’t want to body shame anyone here. Rather than detracting from the wonders of the scrawny, angular male physique, I want to celebrate its antithesis: the tubby guys. Because you know, as it turns out, I’m a bit of a chubby chaser.


Meet the Two Geniuses Who Lived on Cheezies and Licorice for One Week

I was perusing the ol' Facebook when I saw that my friend Rajiv was engaged in an experiment where he could only eat Hawkins Cheezies (the Canadian equivalent of Cheetos) for one business week, with just water and one vitamin pill per day to keep from...


The Kids Are Alright, Getting Less Fat

Forget the holiday gluttony: Kids across the US are slimming down. An encouraging new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that obesity rates among American children--particularly children from low-income families--have...


Fat Chance

Worst of all, your chances of getting laid are not only reduced by looking like shit, but it would be quite a feat to get your 40-inch wide leg over, when your dick has long since been engulfed. Get fat, and your own body mass swallows your penis and...


How to Ruin a High School Reunion

These events aren't depressing because you're shallow, self-pitying, lazy, or fat. It’s those things, plus all the mistakes made in the planning of the reunions. If we can work together to stop doing the following, we might make revisiting puberty...


Fantasy Football Draft Prep, Part III - Fake Everything Else

Even though no one who’s paid to know fantasy football can actually predict anything, VICE researches and predicts--sort of--which wide receivers don't suck and which are, like, torturous, and whether you should even pay attention to tight ends...


Weight Loss Tips that Have Actually Worked for Me

Here's one trick you can use to combat food problems: Think about how if something is creamy, lactation was probably involved. When you’re trying to decide between two pints of ice cream, pretend they are your mom’s nipples and she wants you to suck on...


My Father at the End

I did not talk to my father for most of the last year he was alive. It was a form of self-preservation.