Why Are Canadian Prisoners on Strike?

There is a palpable amount of unrest inside Canada’s prison system right now, and it’s happening on all levels. Inmates are on strike, Kingston Penitentiary is closed, and Don Jail is soon to follow.
Angela Hennessy

The Quebec Government's Plan to Ban Religious Symbols May Be a Stroke of Political Genius

Last week the <i>Journal de Montreal</i> dropped a bomb on Quebec’s extremely shaky sense of identity by publishing leaked details from the upcoming Charter of Quebec Values set to be released in the fall.
Joel Balsam

Native American Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade on Ships Along Lake Superior

Native women, children, and even babies are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the Canada-US border on Lake Superior between Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Duluth, Minnesota.
Dave Dean

The Canadian Government Is Withholding Documents Concerning the Torture of Children

Despite numerous testimonies stating that children who attended St. Anne's residential "Indian" school were sexually abused and sat in an electric chair, the Canadian government refuses to release 7,000 pages of investigative documents that seemingly...
Dave Dean

Anonymous Leaked Hundreds of Hacked FEMA Email Addresses

In a document containing non-sensitive data pulled from FEMA's system, the hacker collective wrote that the attack was designed as a reminder that it would continue to fight against government efforts to police the internet.
Derek Mead

The Greek Government Tried and Failed to Close Their PBS

On Tuesday, it was announced that the ERT—Greece's public television network—would be closed down as part of austerity measures the country agreed to when it was bailed out in 2010. Soon after the announcement was made, laid-off workers returned to...
Matthaios Tsimitakis

Speaking with Adam Kokesh, Before He Was Detained by the Feds

Kokesh is an Iraq War veteran and the guy trying to organize an armed march in Washington, DC. On Saturday he was arrested at a Smoke Down Prohibition rally, and is currently being held in federal custody. I spoke to him about his march and other stuff...
Dell Cameron


Last year, a study showed that MDMA works like a therapeutic catalyst. Patients’ scores when measuring common PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, paranoia, nightmares and depression, consistently dropped by over 75 percent. A new study in Vancouver is set...
Dave Dean

We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison

Last night, news broke that Barrett Brown's mother pled guilty to a charge of obstructing evidence. A few weeks ago, we spoke to the journalist and Anonymous associate who is now facing a potential 100-year sentence in prison.
Patrick McGuire

What the Sequester Really Means: The Poor Will Suffer More

The sequester is a set of automatic budget cuts that reduces funding for all discretionary programs at an equal rate. The cuts aren’t meant to eliminate any programs but simply reduce funding across the board. Get ready for some potentially disastrous...
Mike Abu

US Accountants Finally Realized Climate Change Is a “High Risk” to the Government's Fiscal Health

Perhaps the unusually strong frankenstorm Sandy smashed into the East Coast, costing the government $50 billion to clean up, and something clicked—this must be what all those scientists and economists mean when they talk about the future costs of...
Brian Merchant

The Squatters of United Nations Park

In May 2012, about 1,500 of Nepal’s poorest watched as government workers bulldozed their settlement with riot police standing by to crack any dissenting heads.
Emilia Terzon