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Τα Μέρη Αλλάζουν, η Ουσία Όχι: Τρεις Νεκροί από Πυρά σε Τουρνουά Gaming​ στις ΗΠΑ​

Η επίθεση έγινε σε live streaming, κατά τη διάρκεια ενός τουρνουά στο Xbox, που μεταδιδόταν από το Twitch.
Hayley Jones

Republicans Don't Have a Ton of Empathy for Strangers

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) changed his mind about gay marriage when he found out his son is gay. James Brady only came to support gun control after being shot. Are Republicans really incapable of caring about any issue without being directly affected?
Peter Miller

Forget Gun Control, Let’s Ban the Senate

The failure of the gun control bill isn’t an example of cowardice on the part of senators who didn’t vote for it, or some fatal flaw on behalf of its sponsors. It’s just another case of the Senate being cripplingly, pathetically gridlocked and unable...
Harry Cheadle

Obama's State of the Union Address, Decoded

If you listened carefully, the 2013 State of the Union address resembled a man walking into his girlfriend’s house, standing in front of her, and telling her everything that’s wrong with her and what she should do to fix it.
Harry Cheadle

Are Anti-Gun Murder Squads Killing Pro-Gun Campaigners?

Probably not, but the death of a firearm-loving YouTube sensation has conspiracy theorists going wild.
Jake Hanrahan
Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

I Can Fix Gun Control in America with Drones

I propose the banning in America of all firearms except those attached to a drone. I'm not infringing the American right to bear arms. I am qualifying it. Because the only thing that stops a bad guy with a drone is a good guy with a drone.
Warren Ellis
The Hopelessness Issue

Guns in the Sun

There are 270 million legal guns in the US. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of firearms laws, you might say that the situation presents a wicked problem—something that can’t be objectively solved or even described.
Rocco Castoro
Question Of The Day

Should Cops Have Guns?

The theme of the news lately has been “Everyone Keeps Getting Shot.” There have been so many shootings in America that even the “Son of Sam” killer has denounced gun violence, and he shot a bunch of women because a dog told him to. Not surprisingly...
VICE Staff
jose can say so

Control the People, Not the Guns

Once, when I was about 19, I had a gun pulled on me by a younger kid. He was probably 16 or so, and he put it right in my face. My reaction was, “Put that thing away.” He jumped in his car and took off. But I’m a 6'4" 250-pound martial arts expert.
José Canseco

Big Surprise - Michael Moore Still Loves His Own Opinions

What happens when there's a horrific shooting in America? Michael Moore uses it as an opportunity to hype his movies and tell us he has all the answers.
Anthony Pappalardo

The Republican Party of Texas Hates Everything

The Republican Party of Texas released their 2012 platform and basically took a shit on everyone who isn't a white Judeo-Christian who believes in killing every Mexican, brown person, or gay with their own constitutionally protected gun.
Anthony Pappalardo