gun rights


My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong

I served four months in prison because police found legally owned unloaded guns in my car, and only went free thanks to an executive order from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I'm still barred from seeing my son or living a normal life.
Brian D. Aitken

Remnants of the Waco Siege: Mount Carmel on the 20th Anniversary of the Branch Davidian Disaster

After the Waco siege, gun owners, especially in the South and Michigan, banded together into civilian militias, calling themselves patriots and Constitutionalists. They practiced military maneuvers on weekends and told co-workers that a second American...
Dick J. Reavis

The Former Civil Rights Activist Who Created the Right to Bear Arms

Don Kates is a Yale-educated lawyer who started his legal career fighting for civil rights in the South during the 1960s. A few years later, however, he ended up at the NRA, defending the Second Amendment and inspiring many of the gun rights mantras...
Ray Downs

The VICE Podcast - Cody Wilson on 3D-Printed Guns

So we’ve started a podcast series, and to kick it off, we had a chat with Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed and subject of the recent VICE documentary 'Click, Print, Gun.' “Gun control… is a fantasy,” Cody tells VICE’s Eddy Moretti, who...
Eddy Moretti

Are Anti-Gun Murder Squads Killing Pro-Gun Campaigners?

Probably not, but the death of a firearm-loving YouTube sensation has conspiracy theorists going wild.
Jake Hanrahan