Ο Κόσμος των Ναρκωτικών

Ο Αγώνας μιας Μητέρας Όταν Κατάλαβε ότι ο Γιος της Ήταν Εθισμένος στην Ηρωίνη

Τι συμβουλή θα έδινε στα άτομα που ανακαλύπτουν ότι το παιδί τους δίνει μάχη με τον εθισμό;​
Sarah Bellman
Μια Αληθινή Ιστορία

«Κόβω τις Μύτες από τις Σύριγγες για να μην τις Χρησιμοποιήσω» - Εξομολογήσεις μια Ηρωινομανούς

Η δημοσιογράφος Hannah Brooks έχει περάσει τα τελευταία χρόνια πολεμώντας τον εθισμό της στην ηρωίνη.
Hannah Brooks

Στην Πράγα για Ηρωινο-Διακοπές

Κάθε Αύγουστο, οι τοξικομανείς στην Πράγα την στήνουν έξω από πεδία παπαρούνας εκτός πόλης - εμείς, είπαμε στις μαμάδες μας ότι πήγαμε στη Μαγιόρκα.
VICE Staff

Ireland Must Act to Combat Its Growing Heroin Problem

Irish addicts are treated like criminals, the treatment options available to them are laughable, and worst of all, the government doesn't appear to see a problem with any of its drug policies.
David Fleming

Kyrgyzstan Is the Latest Victim of the Global Heroin Trade

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyrgyzstan has been a preferred route for drug traffickers sending heroin from Afghanistan to Russia. This has led to widespread addiction and an epidemic of organized crime.
Reid Standish

Doctors in British Columbia Can Now Prescribe Heroin

Clinical studies have shown that prescribing some hardcore addicts heroin can give their lives some much-needed stability. The only question is whether the government's knee-jerk antidrug policies will allow the effective treatment to go forward.
Dave Dean

Buy 'Illegal!' Magazine So Its Vendors Can Buy More Drugs

Copenhagen has come up with a new way to help drug addicts and fight street crime. <i>Illegal!</i> is a magazine that hard drug users can buy for $1.80 and sell to the public for around $5.00, enabling them to buy more drugs without having to rob...
Joseph Cox
Question Of The Day

Would You Buy the Magazine That Funds Heroin Use?

Last weekend, a new magazine appeared in Copenhagen. <i>Illegal!</i> is a quarterly publication about drugs, sold by drug addicts in order to fund their drug addiction. Two thirds of the total sale price (about $5) goes to the seller to spend on heroin...
Sebastian Gabe

Photographer Tony Fouhse Collaborated with a Heroin Addict

Tony Fouhse is a Canadian photographer who spent four years photographing addicts in downtown Ottawa. He met a woman named Stephanie, who was addicted to heroin, and in exchange for helping her get into rehab, she allowed him to photograph her. So we...
Stephanie Mercier Voyer

Cyber Criminals Hate Brian Krebs So Much They Sent Heroin and SWAT Teams to His Home

If you have the right kind of knowledge, enough free time, and a penchant for misanthropy, the internet can provide the means to make someone's life really fucking miserable. A perfect example is last week's case of internet security journalist Brian...
Sam Clements and Max Smolaks

Tommy Swerdlow Talks About Writing ‘Cool Runnings’ and ‘Snow Dogs’ While High on Heroin

You’ve probably never heard of the screenwriter Tommy Swerdlow, but if your childhood overlapped with the 1990s, he was likely a part of it. With his writing partner Michael Goldberg, he penned classics <em>Cool Runnings</em>, <em>Little Giants</em...
Mitchell Sunderland
Reality Bites

How Do We Solve North America’s Heroin Epidemic?

Groundbreaking rehab specialist Dr. Gabor Maté believes current recovery methods are failing our youth. I couldn't care less about eating with Kim and Kanye, but I was dying to speak to Dr. Maté about how to solve our heroin problem.
Alexis Neiers