Η 19χρονη που Γίνεται Δημοφιλής Επειδή Ραπάρει Φορώντας Hijab

Η Bunga έχει τιμωρηθεί για την «αποδυνάμωση της εικόνας των γυναικών».


Η Μόδα του Ιράν Ανθίζει Κάτω από το Νόμο της Σαρία

To VICE ταξίδεψε μέχρι την Τεχεράνη για το τρίτο ετήσιο Fajr Fashion Show, όπου Ιρανοί σχεδιαστές δημιούργησαν περίτεχνα και πολύχρωμα ρούχα που όμως εξακολουθούν να τηρούν τους αυστηρούς κώδικες και νόμους ενδυμασίας της χώρας.


H Πρώην Μουσουλμάνα που Έφτιαξε ένα Tumblr για τις Γυναίκες που Εγκατέλειψαν το Χιτζάμπ

Η Χίμπα Κριστ ελπίζει να βοηθήσει πρώην ισλαμίστριες να αγαπήσουν το σώμα τους.


What Do Women Who Wear the Niqab Think of the Niqab Debate?

It's a contentious debate, but whether it's non-Muslims telling everyone that it's fine to wear a niqab, Muslims telling everyone that it's not fine to wear a niqab or non-Muslims castigating their fellow non-Muslims for not castigating the niqab...


Why Is the Khaleeji Hijab So Controversial?

Also known as the the big bun, the khaleeji hijab is characterized by a rounded bulge emerging from the back of the head, which is supposed to give the impression of a cascading mane of hair that's been neatly coiled up into a bun. Some imams reckon...


The Quebec Government's Plan to Ban Religious Symbols May Be a Stroke of Political Genius

Last week the Journal de Montreal dropped a bomb on Quebec’s extremely shaky sense of identity by publishing leaked details from the upcoming Charter of Quebec Values set to be released in the fall.


Adam Harvey Wants to Cloak You from Drones

The New York-based artist-engineer just revealed a new line of nickel-metalized garments, including hijab and a version of a burqa, that are designed to thwart IR-detection by thermal cameras.


Hijab Vs Short Shorts

Lately I've started hearing the word feminism being bandied about in the most unlikely of places.