To 2018 Ήταν η Χρονιά που ο Βιγκανισμός Έγινε Mainstream

Πέρυσι, οι vegan χωρίστηκαν σε mainstream τύπους που αγοράζουν έτοιμα γεύματα και πιστούς ακτιβιστές που αρνούνται να αλλάξουν τις μεθόδους τους.
Hannah Ewens

Ποιος Πρέπει (και Ποιος Όχι) να Ραπάρει​: Κεφάλαιο «Χίπστερ»

Οι χίπστερ δεν μπορούν να καταστρέψουν το hip hop, επειδή οι χίπστερ δεν υπάρχουν πια.
Skinny Friedman
Bulletin Board

Τα Drones του Στρατού των ΗΠΑ Σκοτώνουν Περισσότερους Πολίτες Παρά Τρομοκράτες

Και τέσσερα ακόμα θέματα και ειδήσεις που δεν θα διαβάσεις πουθενά αλλού.
VICE Staff
Cartoon G.A.G

2014: Γιατί Φέτος Είναι η Χρονιά που η Λέξη 'Hipster' Πρέπει να Πεθάνει

«How did a hipster burn his mouth? He ate pizza before it was cool»
Γιάννης Τσιούλης

Talking to Berlin's Hipster Defense Squad

Berlin is often hailed as a mecca for ex-pats and creative types fed up with New York and its stratospheric cost of living. Now, as hordes of graphic designers and writers have begun gentrifying the city, locals have started a concerted attack on...
Huw Nesbitt

Parisians' Sordid Love Affair with Brooklyn

In the Paris subcultures that love peppering their conversation with English and wear outfits that would even be obnoxious in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a Wes-Anderson-meets-Woody-Allen fever dream and being called a hipster is an odd kind of compliment.
Chelsea Fagan

Old People Hate Hipsters, Justin Bieber, and Kurt Cobain, Poll Shows

A Public Policy Polling survey of voters showed that Americans hate Bieber, haven't really heard of Skrillex, and have never downloaded any music illegally. In other news, the average American voter polled in these things is OLD.
Harry Cheadle

Berliners Are Waging a War Against Gentrification

It’s been 23 years since the Berlin Wall was demolished, and now the bulldozers are back. But this time, no one’s clapping. When word got out that a developer was planning to build a luxury apartment complex right on top of the preserved section of the...
Matt Shea
The Fashion Issue 2013

Bitches in Uniform

Much like the modern-day hipster with soft hands and manicured nails and the garb of a longshoreman, skateboarders appropriated the style of blue-collar workers two decades ago.
Chris Nieratko

Three Gothic Tales from Austin, Texas

Amie and Clancy Martin went to Austin recently. While there, they were almost kicked out of a hipster hotel, ate delicious sushi, and accompanied a friend to get a tattoo. Here are three reviews from their trip, one from each of their adventures.
Amie and Clancy Martin

I'm So Sick of These Hipster Trombonists

The New York Times says playing the trombone makes you a hipster. So we called up a few to see if it does.
Clive Martin

It's Time for a Hipster Joke Moratorium

Jokes about vegan food and fixies are sooooo 2009.
Clive Martin