• 9.6.13

      Former Walmart Employees Demand to Be Reinstated

      The smiley-faced insignia of the country’s largest employer has become a symbol of exploitation to many who stock its shelves and man its registers. Protests were held in cities across the country Thursday calling for better working conditions and...

    • 8.2.13

      Stoya on Ethics, Porn, and Workers' Rights

      I got screwed on my first porn contract. I was naive enough to sign a stock agreement, and what I've learned from my early dealings is that a fair deal in porn means making sure that the exploitation is mutual and balanced. But for other workers in...

    • 8.1.13

      Fast Food Workers Fight for $15 an Hour

      If today's minimum wage had kept pace with the rise in worker productivity since 1968, it would be $21.72, three times the present minimum. That's why about 200 fast-food workers from all over New York City walked off the job Monday, risking their...

    • 1.24.13

      What the Czech Play That Coined the Term 'Robot' Tells Us About Today's Robonomics

      Playwright Karel Capek was going to call the artificial workers in his play "Labori," but his brother suggested “robots,” instead. It’s not surprising then, that the robots in 'Rossum's Universal Robots' feel like a pretty thinly-veiled metaphor.

    • 1.5.13

      I Punched My Boss in the Face

      At first the feeling was euphoric. After years of taking crap from a bunch of losers because they were my bosses, I thought I had no other choice. This time I felt like I had finally stood up for myself in a meaningful way. But even before my knuckles...

    • 12.14.12

      Smart Drugs and Cybernetics Are Creating a Superhuman Workforce

      Imagine becoming superhuman. Or, at the very least, becoming superhumanly good at your job. Imagine a drug that would give you total focus, total composure, genius-level clarity of thought, and the ability to stay up and in the zone for two days...