Η Zωή των Μπατζάου: Πώς Eίναι να ζεις στη Μέση Ενός Ωκεανού

Οι απάτριδες Μπατζάου, γνωστοί και ως νομάδες της θάλασσας, ζουν στη θάλασσα εδώ και περισσότερο από χίλια χρόνια.


Η 19χρονη που Γίνεται Δημοφιλής Επειδή Ραπάρει Φορώντας Hijab

Η Bunga έχει τιμωρηθεί για την «αποδυνάμωση της εικόνας των γυναικών».


Ερωτήσεις σε μια Γυναίκα που Επιβίωσε από Ακρωτηριασμό Γεννητικών Οργάνων

«Πότε συνειδητοποίησες ότι κάτι δεν πήγαινε καλά με αυτή την παράδοση;».


Στη Φυλακή (και Όχι σε Εστιατόριο) Σερβίρεται το Kαλύτερο Κάρι

Οι περισσότερες φυλακές σέρβιραν τόσο άθλιο φαγητό στη Μαλαισία, που μετά βίας μπορούσε να χαρακτηριστεί γεύμα. Αλλά ένα κέντρο κράτησης διέφερε.


Projecting Abbott's Eastbound Offensive Offensive

Having pissed of Malaysia, Indonesia, and East Timor (in that order) foreign relations under Abbott has finally found some direction: east.


Meet the Malaysian Neo-Nazis Fighting for a Pure Malay Race

They realize that Nazis generally don't like Asian people, but apparently that doesn't matter. I was told that the most popular Malay power band is an act named Boot Axe, so I got in touch with band member Mr. Slay to find out why exactly a group of...


The Bizarre and Deadly Fight to Be Crowned the Sultan of Sulu

Sabah is a moderately sized state in the most northeastern part of Malaysia. It's best known for housing an incredibly brutal Japanese POW camp during World War II. However, it's also been the catalyst for decades of squabbling between the Malaysian...


Helping the Malaysian Government Find Gays with Grindr

The Malaysian government has a throbbing, vein-popping hard-on for gay guys. In fact, they're so concerned about the homosexual population's "rampant" activities that the education minister has just published a handy guide on how to "spot a gay."


The VICE Olympics Worst Dressed List

The Olympic Games is an opportunity for every nation to showcase their ability to dress said athletes without making them look like utter fuck-ups on a weird bachelor party getaway. And while certain nations with a fashion industry of their own (here's...


All Malaysian Skins

The skinhead movement that has taken root in Malaysia is based on the original blueprint of working-class pride, beer, Oi! and ska, and hanging out almost exclusively at all-dude parties.