• 10.30.13

      The Last Ever Interview with the Leaders of Peru's Shining Path Guerrilla Army

      Comrade Alipio and two other high-ranking soldiers of the Shining Path were killed this August when a cocaine trafficker turned police informant lured them into a booby-trapped brothel. In 2010, I was marched into Peru's jungle for a rare, and intimate...

    • 8.30.13

      Chicago Kids Go Back to School Surrounded by Violence and Cops

      Amid school closings and horrific levels of violence in their communities, students on Chicago's South Side returned to class this week guarded by cops and civilians patrolling the streets. But can the city's Safe Passage program protect them from...

    • 7.10.13

      Have Police Killed Ten Members of the Same Venezuelan Family?

      Over the past 15 years, ten male members of the Barrios family, based in Guanayén, northern Venezuela, have been killed. It is the belief of one female member, Eloisa Barrios, that the men were all killed by the police as part of a multi-generational...

    • 7.23.12

      Cargo Cults Have Been Eating People

      I was pretty shocked to learn that a nonsensical belief in a made up deity could lead the "cargo cults" that live on the Pacific Island of Tanna to perform acts of violence, so I decided to call Inspector Jacob Bando of the Royal Papua New Guinea...

    • 10.2.08

      The Detective Who Busted Two Old Ladies...

      This year, in Los Angeles, two senior citizens, Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, were convicted of murder. They were both sentenced to consecutive life terms.