Η Ζωή στη Φυλακή

H Συμμορία Γκέι και Τρανς Κρατουμένων που Πολεμάει Νεοναζί σε μια Φυλακή

«Όταν ένα άτομο διώκεται ή κακοποιείται και υπάρχει κάτι που μπορώ να κάνω γι’ αυτό, ειδικά αν πρόκειται για έναν γκέι αδερφό ή αδερφή μου, τότε το πρόβλημά τους είναι και δικό μου».
Dennis Mintun

Femen - Σεξτρεμισμός στο Παρίσι

Παρακολουθώντας τις γυμνόστηθες ακτιβίστριες να εκνευρίζουν μια ορδή Νεοναζί.
Milene Larsson
This Week in Racism

Ann Coulter Lists Her Favorite "Black Heroes"

Ann Coulter receives this week’s Ann Coulter Award for Excellence in Racism for her article, “Unsung Black People.” These “black heroes” are the people who dare to be happy when a person is killed. She's had it up to here with all the black folk...
Dave Schilling

My Week with Hungary's Far Right

Hungary has one of the most highly organized far-right movements in Europe. The Jobbik party—admired by those fed up with government corruption, derided by opponents as anti-Gypsy, anti-Semite, neo-Nazi homophobes—looks set to become the second-biggest...
Brian Whelan

Is Burma’s Anti-Muslim Violence Led by “Buddhist Neo-Nazis”?

“Buddhist neo-Nazi” sounds like a contradiction in terms, but Dr. Muang Zarni, a Burmese human rights activist, says that the 969 group, which is responsible for much of the anti-Muslim violence in the country, is using tactics and rhetoric right out...
Ray Downs

Britain's Nazi Punk Scene Is Alive and Limping

Bald fascists with guitars are still playing awful, hateful music in Britain's pubs.
Brian Whelan

Greece's Fascist Homophobes Have God and Police on Their Side

It's a warm night in Athens, and the nuns have broken the police line. They didn't have to try too hard. The lines of riot cops assembled outside the Chytirio theater are mostly trying to stop the anti-fascists from reaching the neo-Nazis, nuns, and...
Laurie Penny

Sao Paulo's Neo-Nazis Graffito Like a Bunch of Sissy Girls

Their swastikas are so pretty.
VICE Brazil