• 7.27.13

      Eating Whale Steaks at Norway's Gorgeous Træna Music Festival

      Everyone’s got a great sauna story, right? I’m sitting in the hold of a whaling ship on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian Sea borders the North Atlantic, telling mine. I'm on my way to the 11th annual Træna Festival, the remotest of...

    • 6.24.13

      Gary Good Guy Part 2

      Gary goes to Norway, and burns a corpse.

    • 5.9.13

      Teaching Evil to Norwegians

      Norway has been linked to grandiose notions of evil for centuries. Soltun, a school Norwegians attend for one year after secondary school in the town of Harstad, announced that it will be offering a new course devoted to a yearlong study of the evil...

    • 11.27.12

      Are We Finally Heading Toward World Peace?

      Kind of, according to some scientists in Norway who have been analyzing the history of internal conflicts across the globe to determine what the future holds for the human race.

    • 5.2.10

      The Corpse

      Of the many rumors surrounding Bredo Morstoel, here is the most endearing: He arranged his deathbed pillows into a secret signal for his grandson.

    • 7.1.08

      Vomit Rehearsal

      This is Norwegian black-metal band Vomit in their practice space. Vomit was formed around '82 by a few 13-year-old scumbags. They were also early members of Mayhem (who shared this very space with them).

    • 7.1.08

      Norwegians At Home

      You may think that these Scandinavians are just a bunch of weird hillbillies, but these fuckers have got some excellent interior and home design going.

    • 5.1.08

      The Saga Of True Norwegian Black Metal

      I met Metalion during a drunken night at Oslo's Inferno Festival in 2003. I was impressed by his kind nature and unparalleled knowledge of extreme metal, so we stayed in touch over the next few years, occasionally geeking out over cameras and records.

    • 4.2.08

      Gang Of Two

      If you walk through the city center of Bergen in Norway, chances are you'll run into Maybritt, 32, and Kåre Morten, 43. They're always around and they stand out because they're ALWAYS in matching outfits.