• The Chemical Valley - Trailer

    Forty percent of Canada's petrochemical industry is packed into a 15-square-mile area in Sarnia, Ontario, called the Chemical Valley. More than 60 chemical plants and oil refineries operate there 24/7. As a result of the Chemical Valley's emissions, in...

  • I Left My Lungs in Aamjiwnaang

    The first thing you notice about Sarnia, Ontario, is the smell: a potent mix of gasoline, melting asphalt, and the occasional trace of rotten egg. Shortly after my arrival I already felt unpleasantly high and dizzy, like I wasn’t getting enough air...

  • A Toxic Tour of Canada's Chemical Valley

    The most shocking thing about Sarnia, Ontario’s “Chemical Valley” is that people actually live there. More than 60 oil refineries and petrochemical plants—40 percent of Canada’s total chemical industry—operate within 15 miles of the valley, which...

  • Beijing’s Pollution Problem Is Becoming Hard to Ignore

    It’s hard to describe the feeling of looking out the window and not being able to see buildings that you know are there through the smoke, or looking down a subway platform and seeing the other end obscured by a scrim of gray dust. It’s even harder to...

  • I Tried to Get the Guys Behind the Plus Pool Arrested

    Here is a little behind the scenes anecdote from the filming of Motherboard's "Plus Pool" documentary.

  • Kite Weather in Beijing

    How can one fight China's pollution propaganda machine? Fly a glowing robo-kite that measures pollution in the sky, duh.