Inside Schilling

The 12 Least Overrated Things in Los Angeles

A local writer took the city to task for being "overrated." Well, I live in Los Angeles, and I take offense to people making fun of all the amazing things the city has to offer. LA has the most pre-war movie houses in the world, some of the top art...
Dave Schilling

I Used to Be a Scientologist, Now I Help People Out of Cults by Smoking Weed

Dennis Erlich was the original guy who exposed the craziness of Scientology on the internet. A member since 1967 and later a minister, he started to rebel against the church in the mid-80s. Now he runs a support group to help people out of cults...
Chris O`Neill

Don't Bet on the Apocalypse

Remember those billboards during the summer of 2011 that boldly claimed the world was going to end on May 21 of that year? Those predictions were put together by a California-based Christian cult who is now destitute, because they spent all their money...
Rick Paulas

How Much Does the Church of Scientology Spend on Advertising?

The Church of Scientology has, for a long time, been putting a lot of money into advertising, most recently with that super expensive-looking Super Bowl ad and their disastrous attempt at running sponsored content in the 'Atlantic.' You may have also...
Johnny Lambo
The Grievous Sins Issue

Scientology Hates Psychology, Especially If You're from Taiwan and Living in Australia

Scientology’s hatred of psychiatry and psychology has been well documented, but what happens when one of their members has a breakdown? I spoke to “John,” an ex-Scientologist to find out more.
Julian Morgans

John Kilar's Photos Will Get You Thrown in Jail

John Kilar, the photographer who took the pictures for "Venice Beach Is a Paradise," let me have a look at his portfolio. I'm now seriously considering flying to California and committing some kind of minor crime, just so I can stay there for a couple...
Elektra Kotsoni

Scientologists Really, Really Hate Psychiatrists

"Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" is a multi-million dollar museum and visitor center that the Citizens Commission on Human Rights set up in Los Angeles. CCHR is an organization cofounded by the Church of Scientology. The descision to keep their name...
Glen Coco
The Weird Science Issue

Visions of L. Ron

Based on the covers of six L. Ron Hubbard story compilations.
Matthew Frost

Countdown to Eternity

This weekend the Scientologists accidentally sent their insiders-only magazine to my house. Oops. I am totally not supposed to have this. Here's what's inside.
C. Casey
The VICE Guide to 'The Master'

Paulette Cooper Exposes for the World the Darkest Secrets of Scientology and Cats

What caused Scientologists to go from arch mysterions suppressing every iota of information about their beliefs to becoming the laughingstock of the entire planet? A blond Jewish lady named Paulette Cooper.
Darby Buick

Xenu's Touch

There are an untold number of people still suffering from dioxin, a carcinogenic ingredient in Agent Orange that can produce absolutely horrifying birth defects, and the Vietnamese government has turned to an odd source for health: the Church of...
Derek Mead
jose can say so

Religions Are Cults

I’m an atheist-scientologist. It’s really simple. The reason I look toward Scientology is because it’s a religion mostly based on science and fact. I don’t believe in cosmos or agnosticism. I believe there’s just life on Earth and then you die. It’s...
José Canseco