• 1.30.14

      Οι Φλεγόμενοι Βούλγαροι

      Για ποιο λόγο στη γειτονική χώρα εκδηλώθηκε κύμα αυτοπυρπολισμών;

    • 11.8.12

      China Is Paying Tibetans to Not Set Themselves On Fire

      Self-immolation has become something of a symbol for the Tibetan struggle against Chinese rule. It's been going on for years, but after a recent resurgence in the ultimate display of civil disobedience, the Chinese government has decided to try to stop...

    • 7.15.12

      I Saw a Man Burning Alive on the Streets of Tel Aviv

      On Saturday, the Israeli activist group J14 celebrated its first birthday with another large-scale protest. An estimated 10,000 people gathered on Rothschild Boulevard and shouted stuff like "Social justice for the people!" A man named Moshe Silman...