• 7.8.19

      Μαστουρωμένα Σκυλιά - Γιατί Δίνουν Κόκα στα Γκρεϊχάουντ

      Το doping στον κόσμο των αγώνων σκυλιών έχει μειωθεί τα τελευταία χρόνια, αλλά συμβαίνει ακόμα στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο και την Ιρλανδία.

    • 4.21.13

      Manny Is Being Manny in Taiwan

      As he came to the plate with a runner on third with two outs in the first inning, the atmosphere in Taipei was electric. Fans screamed and chanted his name (“MANN-EEEEE”) while banging on unnecessarily loud cone-shaped noisemakers. Despite stranding...

    • 2.13.13

      Australian Rules Football Is Broken

      The Australian Football League, one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, was rocked by scandal last week when it came out that its most successful club is apparently pumping players full of performance-enhancing drugs.

    • 1.20.13

      Was Lance Armstrong Taking Jerk-Enhancing Drugs?

      The interview that Lance Armstrong gave to Oprah Winfrey was a masterful slice of a never-ending sports-fabulism spectacle, and while it made for good TV at times, it was also nearly infuriating to watch.

    • 1.11.13

      Pro Juice

      For all the finger-wagging against performance-enhancing drug use, a counter-argument is emerging. Steroids and PEDs, it says, should be legalized. Or at least de-stigmatized. Secretive, even cautious at first, the pro-juice argument is growing in...

    • 12.5.12


      I started taking steroids yesterday as an act of thanks and joyous celebration. I felt it was my duty as a native of New Jersey.

    • 9.16.12

      Raiders Games Are Like Bad, Unsafe Indie Shows

      This past Monday's game between the Chargers and Raiders was like going to a Lightning Bolt show in 2003 or trying to find a death-crust gig in East Bed-Stuy. Gnarly and awesome, and the indie-sports nexus.

    • 8.30.12

      Lance Armstrong, Steroids, and Why I’d Become a Vampire

      One thing I never understood is why anyone wouldn’t want to be bitten by a vampire. It’s like, what the fuck? Are you kidding me? I’d become a vampire in a heartbeat.

    • 8.25.12

      Unlimited Juice

      The last week or so has been a bad one for athletes who take drugs. These are not the rare and random wild-card athletes who get nailed for "drugs of abuse," these are athletes who, for reasons that usually come down to making more money playing sports...

    • 8.25.12

      So Wait, Who Actually Won All Those Tour De France Titles?

      On Thursday night the US Anti-Doping Agency stripped Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles and banned him for life after Lance gave his Chief Joseph impersonation and told the world “he’d fight no more forever.” So who was the real champion the...

    • 8.20.12

      Kicking and Screening

      Soccer is back, football is boring, hockey is staring a labor dispute in the eye, and some baseball player who was busted for testosterone made a fake website so everyone would think that the banned substance he took was some sort of supplement he...

    • 5.22.12

      A Complete Dipshit's Guide to the Roger Clemens Trial

      "Why are they throwing the book at The Big Man? Isn’t he dead? Can’t Obama let him rest in peace?" These and all of your other stupid questions answered by our crack sports department.