• 7.31.12

      Mind Thoughts... with Michael Ian Black - In Spite of Everything, I Would Still Let You Suck My Dick

      When we met that summer night outside the 7-11, I thought you were perfect. Your eyes, glassy and vague. Your hair, mostly shaven. Your lips, smeared with lipstick and Cheetos residue. Even your zits looked good to me that summer night, zits I wished...

    • 1.1.11

      Hey, That’s Not Garbage

      Humans create an atrocious amount of waste. According to a 2008 report by the EPA, every American produces about five pounds of garbage a day. That’s right, on average each one of us fucking slobs throws away more than 1,800 pounds of crap every year.

    • 1.2.08

      Suck on This

      The inspiration for my series of gum paintings first came to me when I was working on my papier-mâché boulders.