Το Πρώτο Pride για τα LGBTQ Άτομα που Ζητούν Άσυλο στη Σουηδία

Φωτογραφίες από το πρώτο Pride για τους αιτούντες άσυλο στην Ουψάλα.
Maximiliam Gernandt, Κείμενο: Aretha Bergdahl

Το να Χορεύεις Αυθόρμητα στο Δρόμο Είναι και Πάλι Νόμιμο στη Σουηδία

Όταν η κυβέρνηση της χώρας έπαψε να φοβάται τους ανθρώπους που χορεύουν.
Camila-Catalina Fernandez

Syrian Refugees Turn to Europe—and Human Smugglers

“I’m not a smuggler,” a man who called himself Abu Khaled said through a crackly speakerphone, “but I can take you to Europe, for a price.”
Mat Nashed

Sweden Has a Solution for Slow Ambulances

If your heart stopped right now and you were in the United States, it could take up to 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. When a citizen of Stockholm calls in a cardiac arrest, the ambulance isn't what you'd count on.
Mike Pearl

You Should Let This Nice Swedish Lady Freeze-Dry Your Corpse

A Swedish inventor has created a method to freeze-dry corpses to make them more environmentally safe when they decompose, but the Swedish death industry is trying to stop it from ever catching on.
Mike Pearl
The Holding Court Issue

These Environmentalists Film Blowjobs to Save Mother Earth

Ever since the free-lovin’ 1960s, lefty types have combined sexual liberation with environmentalism, but never so literally as the men and women behind Fuck for Forest. The German nonprofit makes porn and sells it to raise money for conservation...
Amrai Coen

The Swedish Police Is Keeping Tabs on Roma Immigrants

The Swedish police keeps a registry that contains detailed information about 4,029 people of Roma descent. More than half of the people on the registry have no criminal record, and there were 1,000 children on the list who are too young to have even...
Kai Teo, Photos: Cesar Ortiz

You Can't Just Walk Around Masturbating in Public, Swedish People

After a 65-year-old man was acquitted of indecency charges after jacking it on a public beach, international media outlets reported that it was OK to masturbate on beaches in Sweden. This is not true, everyone!
Caisa Ederyd

A Terminal Cancer Patient Talks to an Exonerated Serial Killer

Sture Bergwall, formerly known as Thomas Quick, used to be considered Scandinavia's worst serial killer. He had been convicted of sexually abusing 30 little boys before stabbing them to death. Just before Sture was exonerated, I met the man to talk...
Kristian Gidlund, Illustrations: Anna Lewenhaupt
The Fashion Issue 2013

Raggare Love Hot Rods and Rock 'n' Roll

Raggare are modern-day greasers who are as important to Sweden’s national identity as meatballs, ABBA, and blue-eyed blonds. This is despite the fact that the raggare subculture is all about the appropriation of American cars, rock ’n’ roll, and tough...
Milène Larsson, Portrait by Caisa Ederyd

The Egyptian Feminist Who Was Kidnapped for Posing Nude

Aliaa Elmahdy, the founder of an Egyptian branch of the radical feminist protest organization Femen, has posed naked online, protested naked against Sharia law, and encouraged other Egyptian women to defy their male-dominated society. This has gotten...
Amira Asad

The Swedish Government Has Stopped Sterilizing Transgender People

While that's great for future transgender people, it doesn't help those who were already forced to undergo mandatory sterilization as part of their gender realignment surgery. We caught up with Amanda Brihed, who underwent forced sterilization when she...
Caisa Ederyd