Το Βίντεο της Ημέρας

Το Τρομακτικό Βίντεο που Δείχνει μια Έφηβη να Σπρώχνεται από «Φίλη» της και να Πέφτει από Γέφυρα

Οι πραγματικοί φίλοι δεν σπρώχνουν φίλους από γέφυρες 20 μέτρων.
River Donaghey

H Μυρωδιά που Έχουμε Συνδυάσει με τις Καθαρές Πισίνες Σημαίνει ότι Έχουν Ούρα Μέσα

To ήξερες ότι το χλώριο που χρησιμοποιείται για να σκοτώσει τα βακτηρίδια, συνδέεται με τη δημιουργία τοξικών χημικών ουσιών;
Laura Finney
Simon Cotton
A Few Impressions

Swim On, Cheever

In honor of all the essays that have been written by ninth graders about Holden Caulfield, here’s a little book report about John Cheever’s best story, “The Swimmer.”
James Franco
we are not men

Ryan Lochte Is a Human Jägerbomb

Ryan Lochte is just barely a person. He is a walking treatise on bro culture: driven only by his basest impulses, no restraint, going hard, going big, getting your back, shredded abs, hot dog/penis jokes, iPhone pictures of friends mid-vomit. He is a...
John Saward

Hanging Out in Hotels, Naked

Jesse Pollock has spent a lot of time getting naked in hotels recently. His new book about it came out in April and we only recently discovered it, because we are stupid.
Christian Storm

Get Stoned and Look at Our Homemade Pro-athlete Stoner Memes

I have no doubt that at this very instant there are hundreds if not thousands of Very Serious Stoners sitting around, getting high, eating crunchy stuff from a bag, and watching the Olympics; it's the summer and everyone is out of work. There’s nothing...
Johnny Blaze

Instant Offence - Olympics Special

THE OLYMPICS - They're so amazing.
James Hova and Alex Vitlin
The Photo Issue 2006

Emily Jayne

Under the sea.
Emily Jayne