the it's actually quite weird issue

    • 6.5.12

      A Hairy Situation

      It turns out Sweden's tolerance extends only so far as its armpits.

    • 6.5.12

      Vibrators Through the Ages

      Welcome to the museum that celebrates one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the past millennium: the vibrator.

    • 6.5.12

      Lights Out

      Bill Odenkirk wrote a poem to acknowledge the tragic demise of Thomas Kinkade.

    • 6.4.12

      Lap That Shit Up

      Even if you think your shit doesn’t stink, consider that at one point or another your thirst has probably been quenched by water from a septic tank.

    • 6.4.12

      Deaf Comedy Jam

      Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.

    • 6.4.12

      The Playstation Vita

      Lots of people don’t have to get a Vita. Should they?

    • 6.4.12

      The Twitch

      To become Miss Snake Charmer, a revealing swimsuit and a desire for world peace aren’t enough. You must also have enough skill with a knife to remove the epidermis of a serpent.

    • 6.1.12

      Sorry Your Dog Got Decapitated

      If there’s a golden rule for people who run a dog-sitting business, it is this: Don’t let the dogs you’re watching get mauled by other dogs.

    • 6.1.12

      Lovely Owls

      I think if everyone got his or her own owl to raise we would have world peace in no time.

    • 5.31.12

      Girls Love Girls #4

      Before long, Heather is blowing smoke up Madison’s ass (when played in reverse, it looks like Madison shits out smoke. And tells you to kill your parents).

    • 5.30.12


      Killer Mike is so smooth and fluid, yet hard at the same time. He’s like a nanostructured amorphous solid, or Slimer with a boner.

    • 5.30.12

      Smart as a Rabbi

      I’ve seen dead bodies before, but this is going to be rough. This one is going to sting right where my foreskin used to be.