War on Drugs

Πόλεμος Κατά των Ναρκωτικών

Η Αστυνομία Νόμιζε ότι Νίκησε τις Αγορές Ναρκωτικών του Darknet - Έκανε Λάθος

Την άνοιξη, το εμπόριο ναρκωτικών στο dark web δέχτηκε επιθέσεις σε διάφορα μέτωπα και οι Αρχές το θεώρησαν νίκη. Αλλά λίγο αργότερα, όλα συνεχίστηκαν όπως πριν.
Mike Power

JR Smith and America's Out of Control Love Affair with Drug Tests

Nearly everyone knows the war on drugs is a bad idea at this point, but employers—from the NBA to Walmart—still think smoking marijuana should be a fireable offense. And as usual, it's corporate America's vote that counts.
Robert Silverman
Bad Cop Blotter

The DEA Is Monitoring Your Phone Calls

Over the weekend, revelations that AT&T is freely sharing a massive amount of phone data with the DEA and local law enforcement agencies underlined just how connected the surveillance state is to the war on drugs.
Lucy Steigerwald

The Feds Will Let the States Legalize Pot… Maybe

The good news, bros, is that as long as Washington and Colorado’s regulatory schemes are judged sufficiently strict and their legal weed businesses stay within state lines, the DOJ is advising prosecutors to not go after marijuana growers and sellers.
Harry Cheadle

The Trickle-Down Economics of Nicaragua’s Drug Trade

When the Bluefields and the rest of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast was a hub for cocaine traffic, violence went up and most of the profits went to unscrupulous kingpins—but the extra money was also a boon to many poor residents.
Ray Downs

These Nonviolent Female Prisoners Have Been Rotting in Prison for the Last Decade

A few weeks ago, I found a book at a thrift store called <i>The Tallahassee Project.</i> It's a collection of photos of nonviolent female prisoners who were imprisoned as part of the war on drugs. Each photo is accompanied by a letter from the woman...
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

So You Want to Abolish Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Small-Time Drug Dealers

It's a tall order, and probably high time. Attorney General Eric Holder sure thinks so, and plans to overhaul Justice Department policy to spare petty, non-violent drug offenders of lengthy mandatory minimum sentences. But a plan is just that: a plan...
Brian Anderson

New Cocaine Routes Are Ruining West Africa

At the end of June, the UN held its annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Yury Fedotov, head of the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime, gave a speech in which he mentioned that the cocaine trade in Africa is growing, "fueling...
Joseph Cox

Meeting Hardcore Drug Users at a Four-Star Hotel in Lithuania

I’m at the four-star Radisson Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, for one of the world’s most cosmopolitan gatherings of former and current drug users. There are heroin injectors from the slums of Nairobi, opium eaters from the streets of Nepal, and...
Max Daly, Photos: Mark Splinter

3,500 Cops Who Want All Drugs to Be Legal

“Just so we’re clear,” began Peter Christ during our first phone conversation, “if you look in Webster’s Dictionary at the word hypocrite, you will see a picture of me. I believed that this drug war was a stupid fucking idea even before I became a cop.”
Roc Morin

The War on Weed: Still Expensive, Racist, and Failed

At a certain point, anti-drug-war advocates have to stop being subtle, which might be why the American Civil Liberties Union’s new study on the “war on marijuana” doesn’t fuck around: “Billions of Dollars Wasted on Racially Biased Arrests,” it...
Matt Taylor

Rich Paul Is Appealing His 81-Year Prison Sentence for Selling Pot

A jury found Rich Paul guilty last month and sent him away for a long, long time for a nonviolent crime. But he's appealing—even though he admittedly sold weed to an FBI informant—on the grounds that that jury wasn't properly informed about their...
Harry Cheadle