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Πέντε Θέματα και Ειδήσεις που δεν θα Διαβάσεις Πουθενά Αλλού

Από το ορφανοτροφείο των άθεων και την κρίση προφυλακτικών στη Βενεζουέλα μέχρι την νομιμοποίηση της κάνναβης στη Washington.
VICE Staff

Πέρασα μια Χιονισμένη Βραδιά στην Νέα Υόρκη Μιλώντας με Τύπους στο Grindr

Αν είσαι gay, ξέρεις πως μπορείς να βρεις ανώνυμο σεξ, ακόμα και στην καρδιά μιας ιστορικής χιονοθύελλας.
Mitchell Sunderland
New York State of Mind

Black Dave and Pro Era Take Over Williamsburg

This week, Verena caught up with Black Dave and Pro Era as they jammed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She brought us photos of the steamy performance, backstage graffiti, and some happy fans.
Verena Stefanie Grotto

Parisians' Sordid Love Affair with Brooklyn

In the Paris subcultures that love peppering their conversation with English and wear outfits that would even be obnoxious in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a Wes-Anderson-meets-Woody-Allen fever dream and being called a hipster is an odd kind of compliment.
Chelsea Fagan
Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll

I Can't Fuck You All, Barbiturates, and Jay Arner

People mistake my sexual nature for a desire to have sex with them, or more accurately, somehow mistake my sexual openness with an expectation that I'll have sex with them. Not everyone of course. But the other day, someone was trying to fuck me whom I...
Sophie Saint Thomas
VICE eats

A Chinese New Year Boozefest in Brooklyn

You know when you're eating something that's not soup dumplings, and you think, 'Maaaan, I really wish this turkey sandwich from a bodega was actually soup dumplings'? We do that all the time, just about every day at lunch. Soup dumplings are like a...
VICE Staff

grown-up meals

I always get really embarrassed when I talk about my trip to Italy. I’ll get questions like, “Did you go to the glass factory when you were in Venice? It’s amazing,” and I’ll always shyly answer, “No, but I ate at this one restaurant by the Jewish...
Angelina Fanous

I Went to the Juergen Teller Opening and Had an OK Time

Juergen Teller had an opening for his new series of work, which involves walking around the woods with his mom and taking pictures. We went and have the scoop, or lack thereof.
Christian Storm
The Seeing Trails Issue


Instead of replying to your letters this month, we are going to quote back to each person the parts of their letter that we would have zeroed in on had we bothered to reply. In other words, the words or phrases in which the writer truly reveals their...
VICE Staff
The Heroes Issue

Kill Her, Mommy!

Aspiring boxer Jackie Geronimo is truly a timeless heroic mother figure.
Will Lemon III