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Een reisje naar nergens

Denimmakers Meltin' Pot stuurden een stel bloggers naar het dorpje Nowhere (ja ,echt) in Amerika. Hieronder lees je een verslag van dat reisje van Laura Spini.

The saying is 'Why go to America when you already saw it in movies.' Which is true, in a way—even if it is a cliché—but it doesn’t mean that going to the States isn’t worth it. The United States—an important difference: America is actually a continent—are exactly what they look like in the movies. Actually, the difference between watching movies set in the States and really going to the States is the same as that between watching Fred Astaire dancing on TV, and really dancing with Fred Astaire. In an enormous desert. I.e. it looks the same, but it feels entirely different.


I'm saying all this because I just got back from one of those enormous American deserts. Meltin’ Pot sent me there, with a bunch of strangers, and none of us really knew what we were doing there, other that we were part of their new project. First, we went to Albuquerque. It was my first time there. All my friends had told me to watch Breaking Bad before the trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch it until after my trip, but in any case, I now possess bragging rights. I was right there, in those exact locations, like that airport, and they picked me up with an RV, and now my life is enriched by the vague suspicion that all the clean cut guys I saw secretly produced meth. But I digress.

Going to these crazy open spaces is different from going to those huge, regular American cities. In those cities, you go to museums, maybe go shopping, then go home loaded with memories you can impress friends with. In the middle of nowhere, the most you can do is remember the exact population of a town in Wyoming. Which was sort of the goal of this trip.

As I said before, nobody had much informations. But feeling out of control was invigorating. Like “Meet the crew, half are American and half are Dutch, you’ll be spending a week travelling together to Nowhere, the best non-location ever! And—surprise—Nowhere is actually a real place in Oklahoma with a small trailer park, a convenience store, and a big water tank. Fabulous. And so it went, each person doing their part to make the project happen as we went along.


The photographers had in mind some really specific shots they wanted to get like “brawling,” “animals,” and “making love.” Not all at once, of course, but you can’t always predict how stuff will go down. We went along with it. There were also three models in the group, who raised the bar on Impossible Beauty, along with our fear of robbers. In my mind, we were all going to end up being slaughtered, while the models’ moms would surely end up paying huge ransoms to have their beauties back.

Anyway, to get to the final point, the leitmotif of the whole trip was “Life is a journey to nowhere.” Which means: it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. Which is pretty obvious, if you’re not an idiot.


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