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Electric Independence: RJD2

We gaan naar Philadelphia om met kaneel bestrooide taart te bakken met DJsician RJD2.

Electric Independence visits Philadelphia DJsician Ramble John “RJ” Krohn, better known as RJD2. RJ takes us for a tour of his multiple drum kits and massive modular synths. Despite the success of his solo material on Def Jux, producing for every independent rapper under the sun, and his recent, poppier work on XL Recordings, RJ insists that he has no chops. Yeah, he went to music school. Big deal. It’s not like going to school’s automatically going to give a guy an infusion of chops. He’s a messy 13 year-old experimenter and that’s how he likes it, shredders and virtuosos be damned. The proof is in the cobblers, which he generously cooked up for us and even dusted them with cinnamon!