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Argentinië - The Steel Gauchos


Het kan op twee manieren aflopen met geeky oudere broers die into metal zijn. Sommigen worden contactgestoorde einzelgängers die hun moeder dood willen hebben. Anderen leren hun jongere broertjes over Sepultura, om daarna samen met hun bandjes op te richten. Helemaal leuk wordt het wanneer ze hun slaapkamergigs op YouTube knallen. Emilio uit Argentinië is zo'n verlichte ziel. Wij spraken hem, samen met zijn broertje Martin (die met de Pikachu op zijn mic stand) over hun band The Steel Gauchos...

VICE: What's the name of the band?
Emilio: Los Gauchos De Acero. In English we're called The Steel Gauchos

Who's in the band and how old are you?
Emilio, 14 (guitar and vocals), Martin, 10 (bass), Agustin, 11 (drums), and Carla, 4 (backing vocals).

How did you start out?
This dream began two years ago. I had been learning guitar for six months when my dad, who works shifts at the Salta Municipal Computer Repairs Shop, was offered a drum kit in exchange for a used PC. So me and my brother started jamming. A couple of weeks ago we uploaded a video of us doing Sepultura's "Refuse, Resist" on YouTube so that we could show some friends. The video got like 800,000 hits and made us kinda famous. It's now, like at 2,000,000 hits.

Wow. Instant fame.
Yeah, it's crazy. To give back some of the love that people show us on our messageboard we are taking the band more seriously. We've played local pubs and we once travelled to Buenos Aires to play on TV. Last week we headlined a gig – going on at 2 AM and finishing at 4 AM. We played 20 songs.

Do you guys ever argue?
Yes. We sometimes fight when we're rehearsing. We clash but at the end of the day we get along really well.

What other difficulties do you face?
A couple of things are working against us at the moment. My voice is breaking and Martin's voice still sounds like a kid's. Also, we can't speak English, which makes it difficult to sing Iron Maiden. Also, all our equipment is borrowed apart from the drums and my guitar. My dad is helping us, but he only makes $350 a month, so it's hard.

What do your parents think about the band
Our parents are really happy with everything we do. Our old man approves. He is super into the music we make.

Who are your influences?
Our musical heroes are Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Pappo, Sepultura, B.B. King and Dio.

What are you plans for the future?
We can play about 30 covers and we're trying to compose our own stuff. The idea is to continue as a band, triumph as a band, record a CD, play music and perfect our skills. We know we've still got a lot to learn. Our goal is to play Argentina's biggest rock festival Cosquin Rock. So we're practising hard for that.

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