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Vrijdag opent Sid Lee Collective in Amsterdam Tender 'N Tasty, een nieuwe expositie van kunstenaar Joe Holbrook. Hij laat daar in acht nieuwe werken zien wat er 's nachts gebeurt als iedereen naar huis is gestrompelend en alleen de eenzame plasjes bierkots nog een teken van menselijk leven vormen. Wij vroegen Joe of hij een tipje van de sluier kon geven, en kregen toen verhalen te horen over gefrituurde kippen en vijandige herten.

"This horse only comes out at night, and nearly nobody has seen it around. It lives on the streets of east London and I found it one night just outside Old Street. Supposedly it's a mythical horse, but I can't tell you anything about that, of course." "Getting these deer to pose for the photo was crazy. I went out of London to a park where they keep deer at night. I brought chickenboxes and food with me, but while I was trying to lure the deer into posing they cornered me and started ganging up on me. I dropped the food and made my way out of there. Deer are proper sketchy!"

"My studio is just outside of London, nice and quiet. London is a great city, but it gets to you if you don't watch out. So here in my studio I just work on my paintings, from 9 to 5. Then I'm off to the pub for a English beer or two."

"Chickenboxes are crazy in London. It seems like everybody is eating out of them. Whenever you get on a bus or a tube you'll see some people eating out of them. The craziest chickenboxes I've seen are chickenboxes that are used as an anti-knife campaign. According to the boxes you should not carry knives around because "In prison you CAN'T go to chicken shops whenever you want". Knowledge!"

Tender 'N Tasty opent 29 januari (aanstaande vrijdag) van 18.00 tot 22.00 uur in Sid Lee Collective op de Gerard Doustraat 74 in de Amsterdamse Pijp. De expositie zelf kun je daar nog tot 31 maart bezichtigen.