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Londens quintet Spector speelt nog niet zo lang samen, maar schopt nu al nieuwe pop-scene van de grond in de Britse indie muziek.

London five piece Spector have only been together for a short time but are already making waves with a sound, look and attitude aimed squarely at kick-starting a new pop scene right at the centre of British indie music. At the heart of the band’s ambition is dapper nerd frontman and songwriter Fred Macpherson, once of the acclaimed Les Incompetents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. Fred briefly re-surfaced a year or so back under the name Club Royale before retreating to the comfort of his bedroom with just a small Casio keyboard for company. As new songs took shape, Spector evolved from a one-man project into a something much grander. Fred’s vision demanded a full band and so began the process of recruiting a group of musicians to suit the personalities of the songs he was writing. He describes them as “future cyborg epics” and fittingly so; everything about Spector’s sound is big. The dramatic hooks, choppy guitars and unashamedly emotive choruses hearken back to a golden age of indie rock when The Killers’ first record ruled our hearts and the dance-floors of every small-town indie disco. Like Fred’s other bands there’s a highly conceptual element to Spector - from their name through to the way they dress. Fred is man very much in love with the canon of eccentric English pop icons - from Brian Ferry to Martin Fry, Phil Oakey to Jarvis Cocker. Noisey caught up with the band at a Turkish snooker and gambling club in North London, where they performed at the launch party for their first single ‘Not Fade Away’. The show was awash with indie royalty and a fair few industry folk, prompting equal measures of euphoric plaudits and hate-filled diatribes on Twitter - a sure sign that great things are about to happen for Spector.