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Literary/I Want My DVDs - Interim Edition

door viceuk

In de laatste twee nummers van de Amerikaanse editie van Vice zijn geen boeken of DVD's gerecenseerd. Blijkbaar hadden onze collega's daar  het te druk met het schrijven over Hinduistische kannibalen en arme rednecks. Dan is het toch best netjes van ze om nu toch maar een lijstje op te stellen met dingen waar ze flink into zijn geweest de laatste tijd...

Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Bev Davis: A 2007 Punk Rock

I'm sure somebody'll be griping about punk's ascent to its rightful place alongside golf courses, firefighters, and Vampirella in the pantheon of recurrent calendar fodder, but, considering the last place I saw a Clash shirt was the Childrens' section of Target, it's not like we shouldn't have seen it coming. Anyways, this calendar is actually kind of great, lack of kittens notwithstanding. The picture part of this guy has photos of early  80s West Coast tour fixtures like DOA and Black Flag and Adam Ant, then the calendar part has an interview with the photographer about taking each picture by Nardwuar, that guy who does the really, really over-researched interviews.

That's My Bush: The Definitive Collection
Comedy Central
I feel like this show is already a relic of its time, not because of
politics or anything, but because does anyone still make sitcoms like the ones they're ripping on? With the shitty outdoor sets and single-entendre catchphrases and sax interludes? I've been slippiing off in my UPN viewership lately, so it's entirely possible That's So Raven has a nosy, problem-solving neighbor, but I can just see some kid staring blankly at the screen with his parents cracking up on either side, like when you'd try to watch all the old political shit on SNL when you were five.

Fun From None: Live from the No Fun Fest 2004 & 2005
Chris Habib
This is a great document of the first two years of Carlos Giffoni's No Fun Fest and contains some genuinely mind bending performances from noise folks like Magik Markers and Hair Police and some older dudes like Barbetomagnus, but one question stands out: Why make this a DVD? Maybe I don't speak for  everyone on this, but if I really wanted to sit and watch nerds twist knobs for hours at a time I probably would have braved the stink and actually gone.