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26 januari 2007, 5:49am

Jonge mensen in Spanje zijn kwaad. Er is geen baan te krijgen, dus zijn ze verveeld en bovendien ziek van het feit dat ze nog bij hun ouders wonen. Logisch dat kids in het hele land op het punt van ontploffen staan. Afgelopen week braken er spontaan gevechten en rellen uit op diverse plekken in Spanje.

Disaffected kids in the Basque country went on a rampage around the streets of Navarra and Vizcaya. They were angry because the government had banned several left-wing youth groups. They destroyed public property and banks. Then they broke into venues owned by the Socialist Party and sprayed their motto on the walls: "Our crime: being young".

The violence is spreading like acne on a run-down teenager with poor hygiene. Alcorcon, a neighbourhood in Madrid, was the scene of constant street fighting from Friday to Sunday. Over 50 Spanish kids beat the crap out of a couple of Latin American kids who were hanging out in the neighbourhood. Apparently the fight was about territory and girls. The Spanish kids were angry that the Latinos had taken over too many of the basketball courts, the football pitches, and the local ladies.

Alerted by SMS and email, members of gangs like the Latin Kings, Los Santos and Ñetas came to help their blood brothers. The fighting escalated and went on for hours. Every time the police tried to break it up, fights would later resurface in a different place. Police confiscated knives, baseball bats, socks stuffed with pool balls, and even a couple of Samurai swords. Hundreds were hurt. One 16-year-old died and three others were seriously injured. More fights are planned for this weekend.