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De cyborg

In 1998 werd Kevin Warwick de eerste cyborg. Maar hij wil geen robot zijn, hij wil een beter mens worden.
17 augustus 2010, 12:00am

In 1998, Kevin Warwick, a Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University, became the world’s first cyborg. Well, to be exact, he had a radio frequency ID implanted in his arm. As a result, he can turn on lights by snapping his fingers; once he let his wife’s brain waves take control of his body (she’s also cybernetic). This isn’t just for fun: Warwick is certain that without upgrading, humans will someday fall behind the advances of the robots they’re building – or worse. That might explain why he has very little technology at home, and counts The Terminator among his biggest influences. He doesn’t want to become a robot; he wants to be a better human…