This story is over 5 years old.


Beauty and the Beast

Skate teams Girl and Antihero stop along the Mt. Baker Highway to perform the second of three demos, this time at Orcas Island Park.

At the second of three demos, Girl and Antihero skate the Orcas Island Park: Grindline designed, Dreamland poured. In a surprise turn of events, the magical ceremony performed on the demo’s eve between skaters and wizard sticks seems to be working against them on the concrete. It’s almost as though drinking one’s height in beer may not be an excellent, mystical method of preparation for a skateboarding demo. Mike Carroll is among the first to note this bizarre relationship between his wizard status and powers on the board. Keegan Sauder makes a surprise appearance and attempts to judge the relative Canadianess of fellow skaters Rick Howard and Rick McCrank, and the latter Rick narrowly avoids having the worst time ever with Eric Koston. After the demo, new levels of wizardry are achieved at a house party, this time without sticks, as someone’s head magically goes through a window and an inflatable beer can vanishes without a trace! The magic continues into the next day as Mike Carroll dons a golden cape befitting of a wizard so powerful.