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New York - "Art" Theft?

07 december 2006, 3:00am

UK graff-rat© Banksy has been fetching so much "poppy" for his scrawlings, a group of thieves decided to get in on the action and do that thing kids always talk about doing in high school where you dress up as a crew of workmen and one guy has a clipboard to steal a large metal door from a tenement tagged with a piece of his work, the "Liverpool Love Rat." The plundering was averted by a cleaning lady who happened to walk by and question the men, who scrambled away like guilty little queens instead of just sticking with the plan and pretending to be laborers taking off a door. Now the door is residing in a secret location and what a shame because it can't please the public or whatever and blah blah wah. So it's all well and good to mark up and generally shit all over random property, but when someone tries to steal what basically amounts to the product of glorified vandalism, all bets are off? Hypocrisize much, art folks?