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Onze collega Justin Toland is een voormalig Londenaar die nu in Brussel werkt. Hij heeft in vier jaar tijd de Nederlandse taal geleerd en aangezien er vooral Frans wordt gesproken in Brussel, wilde hij zijn 'Nederlands' toch nog eens gebruiken. Hij deed een interview met Alax van Tapedeck, in het Nederlands! Oh ja, Alax spreekt natuurlijk enkel Engels... Het resultaat lees je na de doorklik...

Wablieft? Een curt vraaggesprek over Belgische cultuur in een mengen van Engels en Nederlands tussen een Engelstalige, die vier jaar lang Nederlands heeft gestudeerd, en Alax vanuit de Britse DJ-duo Tapedeck, die Brussel een keer heeft bezocht. Amai!

Vice: I'll start with one in English; Meal Deal is your new record label, what's the best thing you've ever got free with fast food?
Alax: A ghost in a can: Ghostbusters II.

Here's one in Dutch: Vind je liever dan mosselen of frieten?
[laughs] I don't even know what letters to look up in the dictionary.

Do you prefer mussels or chips?

Say "frieten".
Frieten. Seb ate too many mussels once and was sick in Camden High Street and it has put me off them. His greed was disgusting, a really repulsive quality about him.

Tapedeck's first single, "Destiny", is out soon. I heard it was named after a certain nightclub. What's the story?
It's named after this nightclub in Watford called Destiny, where you have to wear formal trousers and shoes to get in. Brandon Block deejays there most weeks. He's a massive, massive influence on us. Once we found 20 pounds in the street when we were young and out drinking.

And you went to Destiny with it?
We went outside Destiny and bought some weed. I haven't actually been in.

Have you thought about enforcing a similar dress code at your own club?
At Bosh? Yeah, I think it would be good actually. Obviously it keeps the riff-raff out. And it would be nice having everyone looking really smart as well.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, he's Belgian. Have you ever seen any of his movies?
I love Jean-Claude Van Damme. When we were young we used to watch No Retreat, No Surrender.

He's Ivan the Russian guy, right?
I hooked the film up to my sampler once and I have most of the quotable bits in it. [Puts on Van Damme's Russian voice] "So, it is you, the son, is it not?" It's banging, I like it.

Vind je liever dan bier of chocolade?
Beer or chocolate? Beer.

**Yeah, you're an expert, man!   ** When I was young it used to make me go delirious, when I ate chocolate. Definitely beer.

What's the best thing about playing in a duo, apart from the fact that you can pull a sickie like Seb's doing today?
Yeah, that's pretty much it, other than that it's rubbish. Probably the best thing for other people is when we have fights mid set. You get good music and a soap opera at the same time.

Vind je liever dan wielrennen of duivenspelen?
[stares blankly].

Do you prefer bike racing or pigeon fancying?
It's got to be pigeon fancying surely. Anything that's got live animals in is good. We play with live animals occasionally. There's a few rodents that we carry around for the smaller shows. And for the larger ones we have a bear - obviously a dancing bear - and a monkey in a nappy as well. But they're at Seb's dad's birthday tonight.