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VICE Photo Issue 2014: Rose Marie Cromwell: Blooms

Gdzieś między pąkiem a śmiercią jest krótki ładny moment. Na Brooklynie znalazła go Rose Marie Cromwell

For many reasons, flowers are awe-inducing. They are temporary, and each flower is one of a kind. The life of a flower is a fleeting moment, and it's this ephemeral nature that makes flowers so desirable. Perhaps an artificial flower represents an attempt to conquer death—a very human attempt, which imbues plastic flowers with their own aura of meaning.

I am interested in the act of desiring something that does not exist. Presently such desire is influenced by globalization and ubiquitous media, which together shape our collective unconscious and water artificial blooms.


These photographs are part of a project in progress called Blooms. They were made in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Rose Marie Cromwell